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Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal

101 Derbigny St. •  Gretna, LA 70053 •  (504) 376-1400 •

24th Judicial District Court

Jefferson Parish Courthouse •  Second and Derbigny Streets •  Gretna, LA 70053
Clerk of Court: (504) 364-3740 •

Cheif Judge June Berry Darensburg
  Division C • (504) 364-3866
Judge Raymond Steib
  Division A • (504) 364-3850
Judge Cornelius Regan
  Division B • (504) 364-3859
Judge Scott U. Schlegel, Pro Tempore
  Division D
Judge John J. Molaison, Jr.
  Division E • (504) 364-3884
Judge Patrick J. McCabe
  Division F • (504) 364-3890
Judge Robert A. Pitre, Jr.
  Division G • (504) 364-3896
Judge Glen Ansardi
  Division H • (504) 364-3904
Judge Nancy Miller
  Division I • (504) 364-3910
Judge Stephen Grefer 
  Division J • (504) 364-3916
Judge Ellen Kovach
  Division K • (504) 364-3923
Judge Donald A. Rowan, Jr.
  Division L • (504) 364-3930
Judge Henry G. Sullivan, Jr
  Division M • (504) 364-3935
Judge Stephen Enright
  Division N • (504) 364-3940
Judge Ross P. LaDart
  Division O • (504) 364-3945
Judge Lee V. Faulkner, Jr.
  Division P • (504) 364-3975
Criminal Commissioner Caroline R. Kiff 
  (504) 364-3927
Criminal Commissioner Patricia Joyce
  (504) 364-3927
Domestic Commissioner Ruben Bailey
  (504) 364-3745
Domestic Hearing Officer Carol Accardo
  (504) 364-3869
Domestic Hearing Officer Karl Hansen
  (504) 364-3869
Domestic Hearing Officer Paul S. Fiasconaro
  (504) 364-3435
Domestic Hearing Officer W. Paul Weidig
  (504) 364-3434
Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court

1546 Gretna Blvd. •  Harvey, LA 70054 •  (504) 367-3500

Chief Judge Andrea Price Janzen
Section B • (504) 367-3500

Judge Ann Murry Keller


Section A • (504) 367-3500

Judge Nancy Amato Konrad
Section C • (504) 367-3500
1st Parish Court of Jefferson

924 David Dr. •  Metairie, LA 70003 •  (504) 736-8900

Judge Rebecca M. Olivier


Division A • (504) 736-8913

Judge George W. Giacobbe
Division B • (504) 736-8977
2nd Parish Court of Jefferson

100 Huey P. Long Ave. •  Gretna, LA 70053 •  (504) 364-2800

Judge Roy M. Cascio


Division A • (504) 364-2800

Judge Stephen C. Grefer
Division B • (504) 364-2800
Gretna City Court
2nd and Huey P. Long Ave. • Gretna, LA 70053 •  (504) 363-1500
Harahan City Court
6437 Jefferson Hwy •  Harahan, LA 70123 • (504) 737-2884
Kenner City Court
1801 Williams Blvd. •  Kenner, LA 70062 •  (504) 468-6603
Westwego City Court
419 Avenue A •  Westwego, LA 70094 •  (504) 341-3424
Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court

 Main Courthouse Building •  200 Derbigny St. •  Gretna, LA 70053 • (504) 364-2900
Civil filing: (504) 364-2967 •  Criminal filing: (504) 364-2992 •

Louisiana State Bar Association
601 St. Charles Ave. •  New Orleans, LA 70115 • (504) 566-1600 •
Louisiana Supreme Court: Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)

2800 Veterans Memorial Blvd. • Suite 310 • Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 828-1414 •  (800) 518-1518 •